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Name Description Preview Download
Alone3:50 Dramatic Monologue
Alone3:50 Dramatic Monologue
Behind the Scenes8:42 Drama
Benny the Hotel Manager6:00 Christmas Monologue
Bethlehem Shepherd4:10 Christmas Monologue
Bethlehem Shepherd4:10 Christmas Monologue
Bridgette the Baby Place Sales Rep4:30 Christmas Monologue
Christmas Traditions Around the World3:46 Testimonial
Church, Why Bother?3:33 Monologue
Daddy's Home at LastMike Singletary Testimony
Dear Babby3:04 Drama
Dear Babby3:04 Drama
Deceived4:10 Dramatic Monologue
Deceived4:10 Dramatic Monologue
Did Someone Say Silent Night?1:50 Christmas Montage
Does God Interact with Your Life?Man on the Street 2:25
Doubting Thomas5:37 Dramatic Monologue
Doubting Thomas5:37 Dramatic Monologue
Good Side of Tension4:33 Dramatic Monologues
Good Side of Tension4:33 Dramatic Monologues
Great is Thy Faithfulness9/11 Patriot Day video (QT)
Great is Thy Faithfulness911 Patriot Day video (WMV)
Has Christmas Gotten Out of Hand?1:20 Word on the Street
Huh?3:02 Drama
I've Got the Power4:55 Drama
In a Box3:36 Drama
Jesus: What a Wonderful Child4:30 Music Video
Mary, Did You Know?3:52 Christmas Music Video
Phil's Used Pastor Lot6:31 Humorous Drama
Phil's Used Pastor Lot6:31 Humorous Drama
Reach Toward Heaven2:50 Christmas Calligraphy
Reunion5:00 Testimony
Rug Burn4:17 Drama
Sue Colbert6:42 Testimony
Sue Colbert6:42 Testimony
Thank You, Lord!3:50 Thanksgiving
The Biographer5:48 Drama
The Briefcase5:35 Drama
The Briefcase5:35 Drama
The Interview4:28 Drama
The New Guys4:12 Drama
The Sales Pitch3:53 Drama
The Session4:22 Humorous Drama
Touch of the Master's Hand3:12 Drama
Undercover Christians3:55 Humorous Drama
Undercover Christians3:55 Humorous Drama
We Pray As A Nation
What About Christmas Makes You Nervous?1:11 Man on the Street
What's Your Favorite Christmas Carol?1:12 Man on the Street
Why is Christmas Special?:48 Man on the Street
Zero Tolerance ChurchHumorous Drama 4:26

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